Metallic machining

Thanks to its experience in composite materials, CRENO is developing its machines and robots to meet the needs of metal machining.

By working on cutting strategies, in order to reduce efforts as much as possible without losing productivity, we are able to provide high performance robotized metal machining solutions. We use the power of the numerical control combined with the speed of the robot to machine hard materials.

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Recognized expertise


5-Axis Machine

A full range of multi-axis machines (Satellite panel machining, Overhead moving gantry, Shuttles)

A full range of high-tech equipment: Countersinking, Orbital drilling, Compliance milling, Machining aggregates, Probes, Laser tool management…

Numerically controlled robot cells

A full range of robotic machining cell solutions

A complete range of accessories: tool changers, probes, laser tool measurement, calibration

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